People who travel our roads with a horse and buggy see things that many motorists miss. Stop and smell the roses becomes a reality when walking the horse up a hill. There is lots of time to observe the flowers growing beside the road and watch the deer grazing in the woods. When you are traveling in a buggy, the destination is important, but the trip can be recreational.

I live in Holmes County, Ohio, with my wife Esther. We have eight children and 27 grandchildren. After the children moved away, we had opportunity to do a little traveling. Though Esther and I do not drive a horse and buggy, we do take frequent buggy breaks around the state. We take gravel roads and drive slowly. We see beautiful scenery that we never take for granted. The Red-headed Woodpecker and Blue Jay are a special delight. In the springtime, farmers grace us with their powerful workhorses plowing the fields. We gladly slow down to support horses pulling a wagon up the hill.

Buggy Breaks is not only about driving the roads, but sometimes it can mean taking a break and doing enjoyable things like restoring an old Schwinn bicycle, caning an old chair, setting up a vintage office, or sitting on the sun-porch to watch the orioles have their morning tea of sugar water. I also take special delight in photography and writing. Welcome to Buggy Breaks, the site where you can kick off your shoes and learn with us what it means to relax until that great day when we will know with certainty what the ultimate break looks like with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


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