Painted In


Snow, like slathered paint on canvas, blends everything together as horses in winter coats eagerly sift through the tangled mess of cornstalks looking for bits of corn. Being engaged in the pursuit of survival they are oblivious to the beautiful picture they have become a part of.



This little pony crossed the road in front of us. We slowed to see what would happen. A little tyke soon saw the pony so he scrambled after him not looking to see if anything was coming. He quickly grabbed the pony and dragged him back to his side of the road. No harm done!


Companionship is no respecter of age or culture. We are happier when we have companionship, whether it is working together or socializing.  Painting, building barns, sewing, quilting, or eating goes better when we are with someone. Many animals also enjoy being together.


Since we don’t paint the town we decided to paint the windows

Amish School IMG_4886

Happiness is making it fit.


Grouping together makes even the blues happy.


Sunday evening socializing


Catching the socializing fever.


If they can go to the neighbors why can’t we?


It’s fun to go with Dad!


Getting the work done together.


The blues have it over the browns, eleven to two.

The Cat’s Meow

The short ride the other morning was the ride that relaxes, the rain that refreshes, the cat’s meow.IMG_2494

The joy of little things barely visible is worth the ride.IMG_2453

Showing his beauty or meaning business?IMG_0025

Hard work makes a beautiful landscape.IMG_2468

Heading to Charm, the little village with a big attitude.IMG_0083

Pony power. Twenty miles to a gallon of oats.IMG_2460

The pause that refreshes.IMG_2253

The quack that quiets.IMG_5723