People who travel our roads with a horse and buggy see things that many motorists miss. Stop and smell the roses becomes a reality when walking the horse up a hill. There is lots of time to observe the flowers growing beside the road and watch the deer grazing in the woods. When you are traveling in a buggy, the destination is important, but the trip  . . . read more

Bee there and take a break

This buggy break came totally unexpected. Some things cannot be planned, but are planned for you. Being at the right place at the right time is sometimes a blessed thing.


It appears that the hive divided itself and swarmed.


The beekeeper cometh!


Trimming away the branches.


A bonus on the paycheck. One happy beekeeper!


Laying the bees on the hive.


Finding their way down into the hive.


Honey machine!


The new hive will be placed in line with the others. I had never watched anyone capture a swarm. It was fun to watch. The problem was I got a tad too close. Out of experience I can tell you that it is not fun to stick your nose into a bee’s business.