Quiet Times

I like to take frequent trips to places where cell phones, email, and meetings are not allowed. The distance I go is determined by how willing I am to give up the chatter of communication. When I can stop what I am doing without fear of getting run over, being yelled at, or getting behind, and hear nothing but the wind whispering secrets to the trees, the birds singing cheerily, and the squirrels barking, I know I am almost there. Only when I have turned off all communication devices have I arrived. Only when I have arrived can I hear what the wind is saying to the trees, what songs the birds are singing, and what the squirrels are barking about.

Once all manmade things are silent, and I can distinctly hear the whispering wind, the warbling birds, and the barking squirrels, then can I immerse myself into the real world designed by God. This is the world that makes sense of life, that heals stress and mends relationships. This is the retreat where everything is placed in perspective. Outside of this place, much is found wanting.

“Lord, let me take more trips to a world without cell phones, email, and meetings. Just a meeting between you and me.”


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