Titles of Pleasure

In west central Virginia and eastern West Virginia lies some of the most beautiful scenery you will find in the eastern US. My wife and I have explored this area a number of times and never get tired of it. We want to go back again since more is yet waiting to be discovered.

The grassland stretching out to the distant mountains reminds me of the endlessness of space. I think this photograph should be titled The Grace of Space. What do you think?


Colorful treasures lie in wait to surprise us with their beauty. Many times we lifted our hands in deep pleasure surrendering to the beauty of the moment. I will title this photograph Splash of Color.


This work worn little building screams of a lifetime of service and makes me ponder the seriousness of life. Why was it built? Who built it? And the most sober question of all, where are those people now? How did they live? How did they die? The Stately Elder seems an appropriate title.


We do well to stop in the middle of the road occasionally and look back where we came from. Though it was a pleasure to weave through those distant tree laden mountains it was pure pleasure to see them from a distance. Look back once in a while. You might have missed something. This photo is named A Backward Glance. Maybe you would name it something else?


Beautiful flowers, a bird flying so fast that he looks like a dot above the fence, a well-worn barn that has served well, a mysterious little shed, and relaxing mountains add depth to life. Don’t you think so? Wouldn’t you like to hide in that tall grass and let time and stress disappear into the distant mountains! I think it would be appropriate to name this one Deepening My Vision.


These little hills have found a special place to live. They are placed in a good position to watch the water gush from the distant mountains in a downpour of God’s love. I am not sure what to name this one. How about simply naming it Contentment?


Sheep gather for an afternoon nap in the shade of a helpful tree. I wonder if they found as much rest as I did viewing the placid scene. This one is easy to find a title. Rest!


This scene must be titled Lonely Among Beauty. This neglected building reminds me of the many lonely people. We so often are careful to make sure everything looks proper. We groom our surroundings but neglect caring for the little buildings that live among us. Minister to the lonely. Dash a bit of color on their life.


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