Family Affair

In September my five sons decided to plan a trip to Virginia. They thought it was time to treat their Dad to the fresh Virginia air. A cabin was rented for the six of us. We enjoyed it immensely. For me to be with my five sons was a great treat.


Food was hauled to the cabin: dozens of eggs, polish sausage, bacon, pancake mix, healthy and unhealthy snacks, coffee, and anything else we thought we would like to eat. I am glad no one took inventory of what we ate. Breakfast was delicious. Mark made pancakes and syrup from scratch.


We all enjoy traveling and the outdoors so we unanimously decided that the first activity should be to hike some of the trails in Grayson Highlands State park.


The wild ponies of Grayson


Sometimes the discussion went to a higher level.


Visiting the Mast General Store close to Boone, NC.


We decided that Burkes Garden would be a beautiful place to live.


Looking down into Burkes Garden.


Enjoying a real country road.


God’s Country


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