Rest At Stockport

If you follow the mighty Muskingum River out of Marietta, Ohio as it winds its way north it will lead you to the scenic village of Stockport. Stockport is one of those Appalachian villages that are resistant to change. The village is very quiet with friendly people, a delight for people like us who are used to hearing traffic and sirens on a regular basis.

Once a feed mill, the Stockport Inn now offers rest and relaxation to those who cross its threshold. It sits precariously on the bank of the churning river. In the recent past there was little reason for anyone to go to Stockport who did not live there, or was not going to visit anyone living there. That has changed, thanks to the inn.

The inn has four floors with delightful rooms on every floor. If you go downstairs you can see two turbines in the swirling water making electric. The soft hum of the turbines and the rushing water tumbling over the locks . . . . I don’t even want to talk about it. It is making me sleepy. Go on the weekends and they will serve you a delicious dinner.

Esther and I have taken a few trips to the inn. We are always delighted to be there. Sitting on the little balconies hanging over the river offer a great way to relax. If that balcony does not relax you the Jacuzzis surely will. If you need a more hands on way of relaxing they do offer massages. We never got the massages but I am sure that would put you to sleep rather fast! To get to the inn you will have to travel through scenic hills. You might think that getting there is half the fun, but wait until you see the rooms and hear the rushing water right outside your door. You might want to stay a while. Oh, and don’t forget to walk through the village.

Anniversary 073

An invitation to relax

Anniversary 090

How relaxing to sit on the balcony 


A lazy morning


Nice bedrooms


Rustic charm


This old friend sitting beside the street never fails to greets us


A tribute to the season


A reflection of the day


Down the river road

Anniversary 095

A river runs through it

Anniversary 088

Bricks were cheaper back then



Things You Might Have Missed

We do not boast of big things where I live. It is not the six lanes going in one direction, tall buildings, or big statues of cities that inspire us. We are mostly laid back people who delight in what we have and who we are. Our roads are coffee table books that inspire, rocking chairs that fit, tables of food that satisfy. They are beautiful flower gardens, museums of the past, examples of industry, and vacation for rest. We know what we have because we put thinking into our looking.

Come with me. Peer through the trees. Sit at the edge of your seat as we weave through the hills. Take a deep breath. Think about what you see, since you might only see it once. This is our life. Enjoy it.

Harvest July 06 079

Better to have an extra sled than to lose all your empty jugs


Worn out in a beautiful setting is still worn out


Two lanterns are not in the dark when night approaches


The tourist sees an antique can, country folk see a milk can, the farmer sees a cow in the can


Hope believes that there will be one more drop


Today’s necessities for yesterday’s lifestyle


It is nothing to quack about if you cannot afford a guard dog


Watching tourists awakens horse sense


Not all trees must become furniture


And when they finished reading the old classic Animal Farm, they left without a backward glance