Things You Might Have Missed

We do not boast of big things where I live. It is not the six lanes going in one direction, tall buildings, or big statues of cities that inspire us. We are mostly laid back people who delight in what we have and who we are. Our roads are coffee table books that inspire, rocking chairs that fit, tables of food that satisfy. They are beautiful flower gardens, museums of the past, examples of industry, and vacation for rest. We know what we have because we put thinking into our looking.

Come with me. Peer through the trees. Sit at the edge of your seat as we weave through the hills. Take a deep breath. Think about what you see, since you might only see it once. This is our life. Enjoy it.

Harvest July 06 079

Better to have an extra sled than to lose all your empty jugs


Worn out in a beautiful setting is still worn out


Two lanterns are not in the dark when night approaches


The tourist sees an antique can, country folk see a milk can, the farmer sees a cow in the can


Hope believes that there will be one more drop


Today’s necessities for yesterday’s lifestyle


It is nothing to quack about if you cannot afford a guard dog


Watching tourists awakens horse sense


Not all trees must become furniture


And when they finished reading the old classic Animal Farm, they left without a backward glance


3 thoughts on “Things You Might Have Missed

  1. I love these pictures and the sayings. The last picture about Animal Farm reminds me that of late I have been wanting to go back and read the book “Animal Farm” again. I read that book at least three times more than twenty years ago and I want to read it again just to ponder it’s meaning.


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