Did you ever stop to think about all the opportunities that you have? Most of us never think too much about that. We go about our lives and do what we do, every day.

My wife and I decided to go for a country drive. We drove slowly, taking in the beauty of nature. Suddenly, I saw this chipmunk on a stump. I took the opportunity to take a picture of it. It is no award winning photo, but it speaks boldly of Spring. The chipmunks are plentiful but it is not every day that I get the opportunity to see one that is so boldly sitting on a rotten stump looking at Spring. And, the flowers were beautiful.

I told my wife one day that I really need a good picture of a bobcat. The only bobcats that I had ever seen were a few crossing the road at high speed.

We decided to take a trip that day to a remote area to do some birding. We had many opportunities to see what Spring produces. The Redbuds were amazing. The grass was vibrantly green, birds seemed to be singing from every bush, and the Ospreys were nesting.

Almost before I knew it this bobcat was right in front of us. We looked at each other for a moment. It was not in a hurry to get away, but slowly walked along, sniffing at the grass and bushes. I started taking pictures as fast as I could. It gave us one backward glance, as if asking, “Are you done now?’ then leaped into the bushes and disappeared. I had an opportunity to take a picture of a rare moment and I took it.

We are at the tail end of Spring migration. Warblers sing with glee from every tree and the Wood Thrush sings its beautiful song from the forest floor. I had an opportunity to take a picture of this beautiful Prothonotary Warbler.

Take the opportunity to see the beauty of life. The Created world holds many opportunities, which I thank God for every day. Don’t forget that opportunities are to get. Rarely does opportunity seek you out. Get out of the house and look for opportunity today. When you see it, reach out and get it. Be thankful, be active, and be vigilant. You will be surprised at all the opportunities surrounding you.

Rare Days

Country roads bring contentment to those who see it.
There are only a few days like this.
These folks decided to give nature a hand.
A golden opportunity for a front row seat.
Being at the right place at the right time offers a rare opportunity at a Red Fox photo-op.
Sometimes the best things in life lie at our feet.

Just Thinking

Sitting on the freshly turned over sod is a great way to view the world. There is something solid and back to earth about it.

Summer’s evening creeps down the lane ready to make itself at home.

The smell of new hay and the soft plod of horses finishes the day well.

The most precious gold lies not in the vault but in open fields of a summer evening.

A storm might be brewing on the horizon but from where I sit everything is tidy and in order.

You might have your computer games and other electronic gadgets but I bet you don’t have your very own pet clothes line!

You can have a good enough day, but if you don’t have a giddy up trip home you’re missing it.

Present Things From the Past

It is always sad when I see what lack of use and maintenance does to the past. It only takes a little bit of neglect to render the once useful, useless. Needs change over the years, and what was necessary becomes unnecessary.  What was profitable becomes a liability. It is the way of life, and has been thus I suppose for as long as man has existed. Milk sours, honey thickens, and cheese becomes moldy. Iron rusts, wood decays, and cement cracks. Aging and decay is part of life. Look into the mirror and you will see that time moves on. Come with me and let’s see if we can find beauty in age. 



A Golden Opportunity


It was late afternoon when I ran into a little road congestion.


I slowed for the low rider.

IMG_9400A wagon load was rushing for the hidden drive.


A youngster was looking at his new shoes.


A family on a walk gawked as we got closer. Friendly folk.


A horse was pushing a wagon down the road.

IMG_8592 - Copy

Mary’s little lamb had to go: all four of them.


A barefooted wagon gingerly made its way to where fence, road, and sky meet on the horizon.

Ducks P1030131

A family crossed the road on its way to their algae decorated home.


And as I came around the corner I realized that I had a golden opportunity to take one more picture.



Foggy Days


Foggy days are friendly days. Fog forces you to look at things that are close. I like to think that everything else does not matter for the moment. Why are we always told that we need to see the big picture? The big picture can be confusing at times.


The small picture is sometimes the best one. Don’t you agree?


Maybe once in a while we should be satisfied to slow down and enjoy this moment rather than having to speed ahead at a vein bursting 130 PSI. Let’s let a little air out of our lives.


Don’t fill your palette with yearning for things beyond your reach. Fill it with something original, something symmetrical and orderly. Fill it with something constant and functional. Sometimes you have to wait for it, and sometimes you have to go get it. Learn to enjoy what you meet. It is waiting for you to enjoy. Do you see it?


Don’t curse the fog. Maybe God gave us fog to force us to slow down. Think what we miss when we speed across time. I might not have noticed this tree and the sheep in the background if it had been a sunny day. This tree does not need leaves to be beautiful. Neither does it need sunshine. Learn to enjoy life without sunshine!



No speed here. A leisurely walk down the road misses nothing. What a fun time to walk down the road with your family. look at nature, talk about God, have family time. Make happy memories.


Dead leaves liven up the scenery as they seemingly float at eye level. Aren’t they beautiful? Maybe some leaves have to remain on the trees throughout winter to give us another perspective of beauty.


As we go through the fog enjoying what is ahead, the light of our adventures show others where we have been. Consider being a pioneer, leading others through the dimness of the future. Have purpose. Go carefully and thoughtfully. Keep moving. Invite others to follow.


You can never tell what is ahead. It might not be clear, but if you look intently you will always see something. About the only time you will miss anything important in life is when you look into a mirror. Forget the mirror. Look around. Look carefully. You will see it.


Watch for the fog. When it comes rolling in look carefully. If you have to, do not hesitate to go higher. Look around. What a wonderful place. What a wonderful time. The fog teaches us to enjoy the closeness of life. Slow down. Look around. Be blessed!






The Evening Before Tomorrow

It was the evening before tomorrow and peace ruled the countryside


Pants were hung securely from the clothes line.


A few people were winter minded in the heat of the day.


A buggy stood resting on its shafts under the shade  of the old maple tree.


A young man painted his field with golden sheaves of grain.


The girls cheerfully stacked the grain into shocks.


Empty milk cans stood as sentinels of the past, reminding me of the days of hay loaders, pitchforks, bells on cows, and castor oil.


A school house guarded an old pump.


Children, dreaming about hard candy, joyfully drove to grandma’s house.


Young and old celebrated a wedding.


A lady drove out of a tunnel of shadows and into the evening sun on her way home.


A little fellow was exploring his small world of grass and mama.


It was fitting that this field was almost done since the evening was getting late. We were almost home as well, but not quite . . .


. . . since this tourist had to stop and try his hand at making a shock of grain.


The finished product, though a reasonable look alike, is far from a work of art.


I hope that your trip was a good one. Follow me home and I’ll give you a glass of fresh garden tea.


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The Cat’s Meow

The short ride the other morning was the ride that relaxes, the rain that refreshes, the cat’s meow.IMG_2494

The joy of little things barely visible is worth the ride.IMG_2453

Showing his beauty or meaning business?IMG_0025

Hard work makes a beautiful landscape.IMG_2468

Heading to Charm, the little village with a big attitude.IMG_0083

Pony power. Twenty miles to a gallon of oats.IMG_2460

The pause that refreshes.IMG_2253

The quack that quiets.IMG_5723