The Evening Before Tomorrow

It was the evening before tomorrow and peace ruled the countryside


Pants were hung securely from the clothes line.


A few people were winter minded in the heat of the day.


A buggy stood resting on its shafts under the shade  of the old maple tree.


A young man painted his field with golden sheaves of grain.


The girls cheerfully stacked the grain into shocks.


Empty milk cans stood as sentinels of the past, reminding me of the days of hay loaders, pitchforks, bells on cows, and castor oil.


A school house guarded an old pump.


Children, dreaming about hard candy, joyfully drove to grandma’s house.


Young and old celebrated a wedding.


A lady drove out of a tunnel of shadows and into the evening sun on her way home.


A little fellow was exploring his small world of grass and mama.


It was fitting that this field was almost done since the evening was getting late. We were almost home as well, but not quite . . .


. . . since this tourist had to stop and try his hand at making a shock of grain.


The finished product, though a reasonable look alike, is far from a work of art.


I hope that your trip was a good one. Follow me home and I’ll give you a glass of fresh garden tea.


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One thought on “The Evening Before Tomorrow

  1. Ei yi yi.. Alvin!! Didn’t u know u are gonna be the talk of the town now???
    Susie whispers to Katie, did u see that old Daudy taking pictures of us??? Yeah!!! An Mandy WAVED!!!!

    Or.. Lorene tells Sharon.. Did u see that guy taking picture of us?? Sharon..Yeah!! I wonder what camera it was!! Canon??? Wonder if it takes better picture then my tablet?? Lorene.. Well talking bout tablets.. My IPhone just ain’t cutting it.. What u say.. Should I get a surface?

    What was said? I don’t know.. Depends on whether u were in Becks Mills or Mt Eaton..
    Have a good day!! I am waiting on another story!! 🙂 ur great niece.. Marilyn


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