A Monument of Past Craftsmanship


Like a faithful worker, this building has been taken for granted. I want to plead with the owner to not tear it down. We are too hasty in tearing down old buildings.

No new building can ever take the place of an old landmark. We should have more dignity than to neglect old landmarks. In two days this building could be brought to its former dignity. I fear though that the owner would rather neglect it and spend borrowed money to build something new.

Old buildings are a little like grandparents. They speak of past experiences that are valuable for the future. We cannot afford to sever ourselves from the past. Respect the old. It is the building block of progress.

May this building stand as a monument of past workmanship, not present carelessness. Isn’t it gorgeous?

2 thoughts on “A Monument of Past Craftsmanship

  1. Today I talked to a gentleman from Ireland. As we were talking about the culture difference etc. he said that one of the things that stand out the most to him here in the states is our buildings. This man says he lives a couple miles from a castle that is 900 years old an is in livable condition. We think a building is old if it is 100 years old!! Our nation truly is a throwaway nation!!!


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