Early Summer

I enjoy early summer. It feels so good when the days finally warm up with not a shiver in sight. I like those days when you can go outside and actually feel the heat. At 72-76 degrees you don’t feel anything except that feeling of being comfortable. But, when it gets up to the mid 80s and low 90s you feel the heat. That is when a good soak in the river feels good. Ask this Killdeer, and he’ll tell you that it is so.

The Big Fall

The trees displayed their best colors as the stream wound its way toward the Ohio River. IMG_0161.JPG

The horse was delighted to take such a stunning trip.IMG_0193.JPG

The light tickled the leaves as they hovered over the road, giggling softly. IMG_0237.JPG

The community of trees came together to create drama for the schoolhouse. IMG_0266.JPG

A mirror of trees saluted the quiet water on its way south. IMG_0277.JPG

They walked in gentle harmony to the neighbors to eat popcorn and discuss what kind of winter it would be. IMG_0281.JPG

He grabbed the last of the grass while the grabbing was still good.IMG_0319.JPG

The vapid pieces united to make a strong case for themselves.IMG_0253.JPG

It lived a great life until the winter of its life showed up. IMG_9199.JPG



This N That

Summer’s over and fall is upon us. It’s time to share a few leftover pictures with you since summer has closed the door and locked it (the key is under the door mat).

Looking out over the hills during the summer reveals this pleasant treasure. Doesn’t it look serene?  You can walk for miles and find the same idyllic setting. Nice!


A few miles away and there is that red and white again tucked neatly into the hills. I hope the red paint stays on sale. Don’t you?


The little tree takes advantage of the mirror that the sun creates, and bends over to look at itself. What do you think little tree? Are your leaves shiny enough?


This monarch doesn’t care all that much for greens. He enjoys the sweet yellow wildflowers. Go for it! You’ll need it once your start on your southern trip.


Not all school busses are yellow. It looks like this one is full. How do you like the air conditioning on this one?


It’s a brand new world for this fellow. Three years from now he’ll be as big as Mama. Looks like you have plenty of nutritious grass. Eat your fill. You need the vitamins.


How would you like to live in this hidden cove? No electric lines means no modern technology can creep into this place and ruin the whole culture. Peaceful isn’t it?


Coming Up

After sitting three hours in close communion, everyone looks forward to catching up on the latest news. Cookie cutter hats grow up with the young and energetic generation. Soon they too will talk about crops and who bought the farm just over the hill.




This little pony crossed the road in front of us. We slowed to see what would happen. A little tyke soon saw the pony so he scrambled after him not looking to see if anything was coming. He quickly grabbed the pony and dragged him back to his side of the road. No harm done!