The Big Fall

The trees displayed their best colors as the stream wound its way toward the Ohio River. IMG_0161.JPG

The horse was delighted to take such a stunning trip.IMG_0193.JPG

The light tickled the leaves as they hovered over the road, giggling softly. IMG_0237.JPG

The community of trees came together to create drama for the schoolhouse. IMG_0266.JPG

A mirror of trees saluted the quiet water on its way south. IMG_0277.JPG

They walked in gentle harmony to the neighbors to eat popcorn and discuss what kind of winter it would be. IMG_0281.JPG

He grabbed the last of the grass while the grabbing was still good.IMG_0319.JPG

The vapid pieces united to make a strong case for themselves.IMG_0253.JPG

It lived a great life until the winter of its life showed up. IMG_9199.JPG



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