Deer Me!

As I was driving down the road I saw a doe and two fawns ahead. As soon as I saw them I pulled over and stopped. The deer looked nervously at me and stamped her foot. She was trapped since there was water on both sides of the road. I wondered how a smart deer could find herself in such a trap.


The deer looked at me for only a moment and then started coming toward me. We held a conversation for awhile. In no uncertain terms she let me know that it was absolutely not fair that she, with the responsibility of raising twins, should not be able to get into the woods.


I watched as she stamped her foot again. “Come,” I said, “I am not going to hurt you.”


She did. With rapid steps she came closer. I zoomed my camera out. Then she stopped with head held high letting me know that we people never keep a peace treaty, and “Let’s face it, I really do not trust you, but I have to get off this road so let me go.”


“Come,” I said again, “I am staying quiet so don’t be nervous. I know our history about keeping peace treaties, but you also need to face the fact that if you do not trust me why should I trust you?” The twins listened attentively. I am pretty sure they understood what I was saying.


She did not like that very much since she set off at a run toward me. “Hey, what’s up? You make me nervous. Slow down. What are you going to do? Attack my vehicle?”


She continued running toward me. Closer and closer she came. I continued to zoom out. My camera settings were all wrong, but when a deer runs at you, camera settings do not seem important. Finally she stopped, and looked straight into my eyes. “You make me nervous!”


“Wow, what a revelation. Who is running at whom? I haven’t moved and I make you nervous? Check yourself mama. I am the nervous one.”


“This really is not fair. There is water on each side of the road. I need to get past you.” Finally she swerved and circled the fawns. I waited. She turned again stomping her feet. “Back off.”


“I am not backing off. I have told you that I am not going to harm you. Come.”


“It’s the peace treaty,” she muttered as she turned, went into the woods, and waded  through the water.


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