Good Morning!

It is a beautiful morning. The fog slowly rises to meet the sun.


Mother and daughter warm to the idea of another day.


The little brook gurgles in delight as it skips over the pebbles on its way through the sun-washed countryside.


A few cats and their people gaze curiously into the distance.IMG_7854

Walnuts wait patiently until they can snuggle deep into the grass below.


Alarm clocks and horses get you out of bed and into the field!


No, you cannot butt in. By the way, you need a horncut. And, don’t forget to trim your beard!


I notice that I am not the only one enjoying the morning. “What are you looking at?”


“Oh, I see. It is fall seeding time.”


“Hey, check the barn. He isn’t even close to being finished.”


Wow. I guess not!


Well, anyway, you all have a great day. And, don’t forget to smile and be thankful.


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